Be A Champion

What does it mean to be a Champion? To some people it’s a trophy, a ring, a medal….it’s everything. What if I told you being a Champion has nothing to do with winning? Winning is being victorious in one fleeting moment, for in that moment you found a way to give more than your opponent. While that is commendable, that doesn’t make you a Champion.

A Champion finds a way to keep getting back up.

A Champion will not be defined by limitations.

A Champion will believe what others have doubted.

A Champion knows momentary defeat but will never be denied.

A Champion will be remembered.

A Champion endures.


So this message is dedicated to the Champions. To the people that decided to take control of their lifestyle, their addiction, their affliction. To the people dedicated to chasing their dreams. To the people that told cancer where to stick it.

The most memorable part of any victory is the journey. Keep fighting. Just keep fighting.

-Dedicated to Laura “Olaf” Mack