The foundation to a healthy lifestyle relies on the balance of your physical, spiritual, mental, social and sexual experiences. Each of these five elements may seem separate yet their connection to each other is what completes you. Everyone’s balance is different so certain areas of your life will require more attention than others. It is important to reinforce your positive habits and embrace the lessons learned from missteps along the way.

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Keep your body running by eating well, exercising regularly and completing your annual doctors' visits. Do your best to ensure you are able to be present for as long as you can to enjoy life's moments. Make sure the renovations you give your body go beyond your need for immediate gratification. Invest in yourself.


Draw strength from the greater power that guides you in life and nurture that connection. Seek direction whenever you feel you may have strayed from your path. Put out into the world the same positive energy you wish to receive. Love each other.


Allow yourself the time to clear your frustrations and reset your focus. Find activities you enjoy that stimulate your mind. Engage in meaningful intellectual exchanges to challenge your understanding. Be proactive in seeking help for the conditions you may not be able to address alone.


Stop feeding toxic relationships with your family, friends/associates and lovers. Realize the virtual connections you allow in your life can be just as damaging as those in the present. Surround yourself with people that compliment the plans you have for your life rather than drag you back to your mistakes.


Foster intimate connections that align with your lifestyle. remember that intimacy is not always physical. Express your desires and be open to exploring new boundaries in safe spaces. Emphasize your limitations and practice safely. Get checked regularly.

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